Sports and politics

A couple of months ago, Tom Brady wore a “Make America Great Again” cap and refused to comment on it when asked.  A week ago, it came out the Belichick sent Trump a letter congratulating him on his leadership policies.  A few days ago, Kraft visited Trump Tower during the time that Trump was naming people to various administration posts.  No more Patriots support from me.  I may send my hoody back to Foxboro with the note that Belichick stick it up his ass.  I now view the Patriots as the football version of Trump’s “The Apprentice”.  Seymour, Collins, Milloy, Samuels, Jones—“you’re fired!”, because Belichick can’t tolerate anyone who does not toe his rigid line.  Thus he drafts and keeps second rate defensive backs.

Brady it now seems has a very limited personality.  Fifty years ago, he would have made an excellent  man in a gray flannel suit fitting in to a large corporation.  Good at his job but basically one who takes orders.


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Clinical social worker in a small, semi-rural school for 17 years. I'm now 70.
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