So, Maine is on the way towards allowing charters schools. Thank you, Governor LePage and the other Tea Partyers, religious right and anti-labor folks now in charge of Maine’s government. I oppose charter schools primarily because they undermine our country’s public school system which is the only place people of disparate socioeconomic backgrounds come together for any length of time. Of course now we know that fewer than 20% of charters even out perform our “broken” public schools.

Getting to my point, here’s my paranoid thought. In Lisbon, Maine (where I have worked in the school system for 17 years), there are three church based schools. I can see them becoming “charter schools” by holding religious classes outside of what will be determined the “school day”. They will then be eligible for public money. The radical right never gives up.


About jussayinme

Clinical social worker in a small, semi-rural school for 17 years. I'm now 70.
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One Response to Paranoid?

  1. jussayinme says:

    Well, I may be wrong about this. The State Commision charged with approving charter school applications approved only one of five. The Governor was appoplectic and blew his stack and a gasket. Unfortunately the unapproved applications were for appication shortcomings not because charter schools are a bad idea whose time has not come.

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