Remember the movie “Network” in which a main character yells, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”?  I wish I was that articulate.  I wrote a letter to my local newspaper and when it was published it read like an only semi-thoughtful rant.  I was embarrassed.

A town councilor in the town in which I am employed by the schools is also a state legislator.  He has just proposed legislation that would expand locations in which people could carry concealed weapons.  This legislation is almost uniformly opposed by police chiefs and many businesses as well.  Another good example, if more were needed, of the far right’s muddled thinking.  What thought process enables one to propose that more concealed weapons will be a good idea when the police and business people (in our now ‘pro-business’ state) believe that it will not be?


About jussayinme

Clinical social worker in a small, semi-rural school for 17 years. I'm now 70.
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