Should we dispense with all attempts at sensible conversation with Maine Governor LePage and just call him the ‘Idiot King’? I believe that he and his Tea Party brethren want to return our country to the early 1900’s when wealthy white men ran things and brooked no critism of their actions and views. Perhaps LePage will soon call out the National Guard and Pinkerton’s in order to discourage groups from puiblicly marching on the mansion and expressing disagreement with him. What kind of thought process and system of beliefs does LePage have that allows him to remove and then hide the mural in the DOL building because it is an affront to his desire to make his administration soley business oriented? What do you say, Governor, to those Republicans and business people who want a more ‘pro-business’ state climate but are not offended or affected by the labor mural?

On another topic, I just read an editorial by Dianne Ravitch in the 3/20/11 issue of Newsweek. In it, she rightly criticizes Obama and Duncan for their continuation of the damaging NCLB Act and their very own RTTT. In the article, Ravitch says, “NCLB turns out to be a timetable for the destruction of public education.” I am paranoid (realistic?) enough to think that this was exactly what the Bush II administration was going for. They couldn’t come out and ditch public education quickly because there would have been too much outrage but with time, Republicans (and now Democrats?) can say, We tried other alternatives but they didn’t work so now we have to give families choice.

Ravitch also mentions the deleterious effect of high stakes testing—decreased student innovation, creativity and innitiative. Some time ago, I read that an educator in Singapore bemoaned the rigid curriculum and testing system that is in use there because it stifled creativity and innovativeness in their students. Aren’t these the qualities that the US is famous for and that drive our economy?


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Clinical social worker in a small, semi-rural school for 17 years. I'm now 70.
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