I  have been reading blogs by Larry Cuban (larrycuban.wordpress.com), Sherman Dorn (shermandorn.wordpress.com) and schoolsmatter.info for some time and thought, Well why not spout off my 2 cents and try to get my few minutes of fame as well?  Actually, their comments are worth much more than 2 cents and I will try to come up to the level of thoughtful expression of their opinions.

I wanted to name my blog ‘jussayin’ but it was already taken.  The jussayin part comes from that term being frequently used by two very capable and funny colleagues.  The ‘me’ denotes that I live in Maine and is also a play on the fact that French Canadian’s (of which there are many in Maine) often end their sentences with that word, “I’ll be goin’ t’the store, me.”

The impetus for writing a blog now are the ridiculous education policies of Obama and his Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, and the take over of many areas of government by radical Right Republicans.  I have worked in a small, not very well-off, semi-rural school district as a Special Ed social worker for seventeen years.  About six years ago, I was President of our National Education Association local for three years, have negotiated a couple of contracts and tried to settle contract grievances.  If I gave a lot of thought to it, I’m probably a Social Democrat like those in Germany and Scandinavia.

Although I think that it is easy to believe that at many times in our lives the country is going to hell in a hand basket (Nixon, Reagan, Bush II), I think that right now it really could unless the Tea Partyers and those of their ilk are stopped from tearing apart union rights, public education and environmental progress.  The wealth of their backers coupled with the rabid ignorance of their followers and the precariousness of our economy is scary to me.

So, I’ll give it a try.


About jussayinme

Clinical social worker in a small, semi-rural school for 17 years. I'm now 70.
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One Response to Explanation

  1. Brian Hirst says:

    The conservative media and right-wing Republicans are ideologues. No news there but you can not have meaningful discussions with ideologues. Flamewarriors.com define ideologues as people who are “smug and self-satisfied in their certitudes” and whose opinions are “a loose collection of intellectual conceits.” Conservative ideologues see themselves as “logical, clear thinkers.” I have always found conservatives to be very clever in their use of the term “reasonable.” If one differs from reasonable, clear thinkers then you must be something along the lines of a whiney muddlehead.

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